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Partners – Schools 4.0-Innovation in Vocational Education



Amar Terra Verde Vocational School (EPATV) was born out of a tripartite partnership between the three municipal councils of the municipalities of Amares, Terras de Bouro and Vila Verde (hence the name Amar Terra Verde). Currently it is a private institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, integrated in the Amar Terra Verde Group (which includes the Vocational School and in the higher education ISAVE - Polytechnic Institute of Health (with degrees and 4 CTeSP Level 5).
The purpose of the institution is to prepare students to integrate into and succeed in the labor market, to qualify the youth and, consequently, the human resources of the region, improving the conditions of life.
The Amar Terra Verde Vocational School (EPATV) is a Vocational School with about 700 students, more than 70 teachers and 20 non-teaching staff members. The school is located in an area of rural predominance and characterized by having a population without qualifications and suffering from severe socio-economic problems.
The school’s training offer is diversified and always ratified by the Consultation Council and the Education Offer Council Network, but it has a strong cluster in the area of Catering, Table/ Bar Serviceand Tourism, Renewable Energies, Electricity, Metalmechanics, Health, Industrial Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Mechatronics and Automotive Mechanics, among others. As a consequence of the success that these areas have come to know in the last decade, there has been an almost total absorption of graduates by the labor market. EPATV develops training partnerships with national and international companies (in the case of Siemens), with African Portuguese speaking countries, and others at international level, specifically with Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola, Libya.
The school also has a Qualification Center that certifies and validates the skills of those adults who wish to increase their schooling and/ or certify their skills, both the employed and unemployed population. The institution is, also, an Associate Member of the "EAEA - European Association for Education of Adults".
The School is certified in the EQAVET system - European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training, which guarantees us the possibility to promote and monitor the continuous improvement of the educational system and the vocational training based on common references. Is still involved in transnational cooperation projects aiming at the adaptation of training references to the ECVET - European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training. Furthermore, there is a commitment to the European Alliance for Apprenticeships.
The school has two projects approved by the annual "Science in School" project of the Ilídio Pinho Foundation: "Remote operated vehicle lifeguard" (ROVLG) - the technology for the protection of people "; and "Microfood test - Detection of safe food indicator microorganisms to select safe suppliers". The institution has participated in several competitions to motivate students to learn science and technology, stimulating interest in building innovative projects of a practical and multidisciplinary nature.
The EPATV group owns the new institution of ISAVE – Ave’s Superior Institute of Health, in order to provide its students with the continuity of studies in the region and provide the market of highly qualified health professionals, close to their family roots and providing opportunities to local young people.

Escola Profissional de Rio Maior

The Rio Maior Vocational School is part of the vocational education offer system regulated by the Ministry of Education and has as its main objective the educational and professional training of young people, anchored in the mission to prepare citizens with socio-professional competences adjusted to the labor world and to the characteristics of the society which they belong to. It is owned by the company EPRM - Professional School of Rio Maior Lda, EM, constituted on August 30, 1999, led by the Municipality of Rio Maior, the Association of Agricultural Producers of the Region of Rio Maior and the Business Association of the Municipality of Rio Maior . It started its activity on October 19, 1992 with an offer of training in the areas of Trade, Mechanics and Industrial Maintenance, expanded today to a panel of about 25 courses of initial professional training (Level IV). It assures annually, the frequency of about 300 students, distributed in 12 classes - classes.
In what regards continuous vocational training, and as a training entity, it has extended its training activities to other publics (adults, employees and long-term unemployed) in areas such as Mechanics, Electricity and Electronics, Accounting and Administration, Information Technology and Commerce, among others. The existence of a technical team with elements related to the areas of psychology, vocational training, administration, teaching and management, among others, favors interventions in continuous education, social and community development, namely through the participation in several agencies and entities that supervise, locally, the areas of education, economics and civic participation. Rio Maior is inserted in a rural area, and the students of the School come mainly from families with low academic qualifications, being frequent the situations of difficulty associated with the respective households.
It is one of the priorities of the school's educational project to provide students with a stimulating and motivating learning process allowing them to expand their horizons at the professional level, but also at a personal level. The school assumes an important role in the education and training of young people, favoring - whenever possible - the integration of incitement to personal and social formation and innovation in teaching and learning practices, either through activities with clear approach to the world of work, both at national and transnational level, as well as through the introduction of new methodologies and continuous training of its employees.
Being a vocational school that is one of the five partners that integrates the Network of “Schools 4.0”, whose theme this project will be addressed.


Escola Profissional Raul Dória is a vocational School for Tourism,Commerce, Marketing and Secretariat, located in the center of Porto, Portugal, since 1990.
The school ensures active participation in collaborative networks/ projects of partnerships at local, regional, national and international level and promote, organise and manage educational programmes for teaching staff from all over Europe.
Erasmus in Porto is a project from Escola Profissional Raul Dória, that gives the opportunity to teachers and educators to learn through qualified training.
Our courses seek to track changes and respond to new challenges in Education and Schools.
Our mission is to respond effectively to the challenges of today's schools and society.
Integrates the network of 4.0 schools

INSIGNARE - Associação de Ensino e Formação

INSIGNARE is a non-profit association located at Ourém, in the center of Portugal. We have several working areas - two VET secondary schools, with around 600 students (EPO - Ourem Vocational School and EHF - Fátima Hospitality Vocational School), from 16 to 19 yo, one local employment centre (GIP) and one guidance and validation centre (CQ).
Both schools have diversified teaching staff, full-time and part-time, because as much of the teaching staff is also integrated within the labour market, knowledge and experience of the labour force can be and is transmitted to the students. All the courses are level IV and grant equivalence to 12th grade.
Ourém Vocational School (EPO), founded in 1990, has Management, IT, Metalworking/CNC, Design, Mechatronic and Electronics courses, following the strategic decision of becoming an industrially focused VET school. EPO is fully equipped with the facilities needed to proper and efficient work environment training.
Fátima Hospitality Vocational School has Cook, Waiter, Tourism Animation, Pastry/Bakery and Tourism courses, and has fully equipped facilities for a practical training of these subjects, highlighting the two training kitchens, one industrial kitchen, one training restaurant and bar. Almost daily we have external catering services following companies’ requests.
- Broadband internet access: cable and Wi-Fi.
- IT rooms, both with 24 PCs and smart boards;
- Classrooms with projectors and air conditioned.
Our students and learners come from two regions, as our municipality is the border between those two - we cover an area of almost half a million inhabitants: the two VET schools and the adult centre have a regional scope, but the employment service is mainly local. Both of the cities are mainly rural.
Most of our students wish to go immediately to the labour market, but some wish to carry on to higher education.
Both schools are accredited under EQAVET; INSIGNARE’s under ISO 9001.
All of our working areas have experience dealing with LLLP and Erasmus + (KA 1, KA 2 and Youth).


The Center for Lifelong Learning "DIAVIMA" is a non-profit organization, founded in 2008 and based in Lixouri,Kefalonia (Greece).
It aims to promote the lifelong learning and improve the lives of citizens. DIAVIMA is active at local and national level and provides adult education programs for both lifelong and distance lifelong learning. It also collaborates with local authorities in Kefalonia as well as with other non - profit organizations on issues related to lifelong learning, labor market integration and environmental awareness. Members, colleagues and volunteers of the organization are teachers and trainers from secondary, professional and higher education, specialized in the field of youth and adult education, they are all actively involved in adult education and have significant experience in national and European programs (eg Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Youth in Action, Erasmus +). Emphasis is given to designing and developing programs for educators, entrepreneurs, young people and adults using conventional, distance learning and mixed learning methods. The Center has also participated in the Leonardo da Vinci and Youth in Action programs, and in action plans and programs for the development of entrepreneurial skills for young people.
Integra the 4.0 school network as an international partner

Køge Business College

Køge Business College is a major regional Educational Institution. We develop educational programmes on many levels in close collaboration with businesses. We provide educational programmes for all stages of lifelong learning, on which the welfare of the society depends. VALUES, COMPETENCES & BUSINESS CULTURE In our organisation anniversaries are common. We find it a strength that our colleagues stay employed for many years. Our colleagues say they choose to stay in the organisation because they feel free in their job and their curiosity and initiative is rewarded. We are pleased to be a company with many different professional groups, which when combined create a synergy and allow individuals to put their personal imprint on the organisation. It is of value that we preserve the curiosity and professional ambitions throughout our career. The values and competences of our employees are also those of the organisation, and this we are proud of:
• We are professional and leading • We are attractive business partners • We are innovative, curious and creative • We are part of a dynamic organisation • We always prioritise learning
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Køge Business College is a network organisation with a wide range of business partners . We continuously ensure our development as a flexible business partner through objectives and resource-conscious planning, strengthening of the organisational competences and growth stabilisation.
NETWORK We develop in corporation with a constantly more globalised world. Our focus is on innovative techniques, strategic partnerships with the business and educational sectors, and the development of tools to ensure that efficiency and quality go hand in hand - also in the future. Through collaboration, we seek to constantly break barriers - both the geographical and conventional ones. VISION Our ambition is to eventually be an active partner in an expanded Campus Køge and together with the other partners in Campus Køge, become the preferred business partner and knowledge center of the region.
DEVELOPMENT We continually invest in a higher level of professionalism, through continuous training and education of our staff. The internal development of competences is also a project we take very seriously at all levels in the organisation.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES Køge Business College is today a well established trademark of high quality education throughout the entire educational system: • Commerce High School (HHX) with approx. 900-grade students • Mercantile HG (vocational training for young people) with approx. 400-grade students • Mercantile HG Adult and Mercantile HG Student • Consultancy & Training Centre - Courses, training and organizational development for private and public customers • AMU courses • Centre for work experience – SIMU HIGHER EDUCATION We distribute and promote higher education – e.g. Academy Professional and Diploma in Leadership programmes on behalf of Zealand Institute of Business and Technology - the Diploma programmes also in cooperation with Zealand Business College. Furthermore we distribute and promote our Master in Leadership (M.Sc.) on behalf of the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom. CAMPUS KØGE Køge Business College plays a central role in Campus Køge, which is under construction at Lyngvej. The Co-operation includes ZIBAT (zibat.dk), EUC Zealand, Køge Municipality, UUV, SOSU Zealand and others. ORGANISATION, TURNOVER AND PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Køge Business College has approx. 230 employees in the areas of teaching, administration and service. The school turnover was approximately DKK 140 million in 2010. All educational programmes and centres are loccated in Koge.


EfVET is a unique European-wide professional association which has been created by and for providers of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in all European countries. Its mission is to champion and enrich technical and vocational education and training through transnational co-operation by building a pan-European network of institutions and practitioners. EfVET aims to:
- promote quality and innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training throughout Europe;
- develop collaboration, mutual co-operation and sharing of good practice;
- to encourage co-operation in vocational learning at European level;
- give VET institutes a platform of influence in EU policy.
EfVET has over 140 members in almost all the EU member states; also, members in Turkey and Russia. It is able to reach out to over 1500 VET institutions across Europe. This European network also has direct links to other European organisations including Lifelong Learning Platform, EAEA, CSR Europe, EVTA, EAELALL, EurpoVET, Chain5 and EVBB.
Integra the 4.0 school network as an international partner